The Gunlugger

The Gunlugger

Apocalypse World is a mean, ugly, violent place. Law and society have broken
down completely. What’s yours is yours only while you can hold it in your
hands. There’s no peace. There’s no stability but what you carve, inch by inch,
out of the concrete and dirt, and then defend with murder and blood.
Sometimes the obvious move is the right one.

Playbook The Gunlugger
Look man, battered old armor, scarred face, raging eyes, compact body
Stats Moves
Cool+1 do something under fire
Hard+3 [X] go aggro; seize by force
Hot-1 [X] seduce or manipulate
Sharp+1 read a sitch; read a person
Weird=0 open your brain

Jackson Hx+3
Tank Hx+0

Gear and Barter
Armor worth 2, oddments (1 Barter)

2x Assault Rifle (3 Harm, close, loud, autofire)
Magnum (3 Harm, close, reload, loud)
Silencer (Hi-Tech) remove “loud” from any gun
Many Knives (2 Harm, infinite, hand)
Grenade ( Harm etc)
Harm X X X O O O
Debilities __Shattered (-1cool)
__Crippled (-1hard)
__Disfigured (-1hot)
__Broken (-1sharp)
__get +1cool (max +2)
__get +1sharp(max +2)
__get +1weird (max +2)
X get a new gunlugger move
__get a new gunlugger move
__get 2 gigs and moonlighting
__get a holding and wealth
X get a gang and pack alpha
__get a move from another playbook
__get a move from another playbook
__get +1 to any stat (max +3)
__retire your character to safety
__create a second character to play
__change your character to a new type
__choose 3 basic moves and advance them
__advance the other 4 basic moves
Experience X X X O O

Basic Moves
DO SOMETHING UNDER FIRE: When you do something under fire, or dig in to endure fire, roll+cool. On a 10+, you do it. On a 7-9, you flinch, hesitate, or stall: the MC can offer you a worse outcome, a hard bargain, or an ugly choise.
GO AGGRO: When you go aggro on someone, roll+hard. On a 10+, they have to choose: force your hand and suck it up, or cave and do what you want. On a 7-9, they can instead choose 1:

  • get the hell out of your way
  • barricade themselves securely in
  • give you something they think you want
  • back off calmly, hands where you can see
  • tell you what you want to know (or what you want to hear)
SEIZE BY FORCE: When you try to seize something by force, roll+hard. On a hit, choose options. On a 10+ choose 3. On a 7-9, choose 2:

  • you take definite hold of it
  • you suffer little harm
  • you inflict terrible harm
  • you impress, dismay or frighten your enemy
SEDUCE OR MANIPULATE: When you try to seduce or manipulate someone, tell them what you want and roll+hot. For NPCs: on a hit, they ask you to promise something first, and do it if you promise. On a 10+, wether you keep your promise is up to you, later. On a 7-9, they need some concrete assurance right now. For PCs: on a 10+, both. On a 7-9, choose 1:

  • if they do it, they mark experience
  • if they refuse, it’s acting under fire

What they do then is up to them.

READ A SITCH: When you read a charged situation, roll+sharp. Whenever you act on one of the MC’s answers, take + 1. On a 10+, ask 3. On a 7-9, ask 1:

  • where is my best escape route/way in/way past?
  • which enemy is the biggest threat?
  • what should I be on the outlook for?
  • what’s my enemy’s true position?
  • who’s in control here?
READ A PERSON: When you read a person, roll+sharp. On a 10+ hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 1. While you’re interacting with them, spend your hold to ask questions, 1 for 1:

  • is your character telling the truth?
  • what’s your character really feeling?
  • what does your character intent to do?
  • what does your character wish I’d do?
  • how could I get your character to ___?
OPEN YOUR BRAIN: When you open your brain to the world’s psychic maelstrom, roll+weird. On a hit, the MC will tell you something new and interesting about the current situation, and might asky you a question or two; answer them.On a 10+ the MC will give you good detail. On a 7-9, the MC will give you impressions. If you already know all there is to know, the MC will tell you that.
HELP OR INTERFERE: When you help or interfere someone who’s making a roll, roll+Hx. On a hit, they take +1 (help) or -2 (interfere) now. On a 7-9, you also expose yourself to fire, danger, retribution or cost.
Gunlugger Moves
[X] Battle-hardened: when you act under fire, roll+hard instead of roll+cool.
[ ] Fuck this shit: name your escape route and roll+hard. On a 10+, sweet, you’re gone. On a 7–9, you can go or stay, but if you go it costs you: leave something behind, or take something with you, the MC will tell you what. On a miss, you’re caught vulnerable, half in and half out.
[ ] Battlefield instincts : when you open your brain to the world’s psychic maelstrom, roll+hard instead of roll+weird, but only in battle.
[X] Insano like Drano: you get +1hard (hard +3).
[X] Prepared for the inevitable:: you have a well-stocked and high-quality first aid kit. It counts as an angel kit (cf) with a capacity of 2-stock.
[ ] Bloodcrazed: whenever you inflict harm, inflict +1harm.
[X] NOT TO BE FUCKED WITH: in battle, you count as a gang (3-harm gang small), with armor according to the circumstances.

Gear and Barter
Item 1
Item 2 Description


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