Survival of the Fittest

A day in your life
1st session

Someone is hitting on Jackson’s door. Slowly he wakes and realizes that his head hurts. << Damm Fuckbrainers. >> he thinks as he realizes that this somebody is still knocking and yelling. He searches for his gear but everything valuable is gone. Carefully he opens a peek hole in the door and sees a young girl unknown to him. << Why did you do it, stupid bastard! >> she cries. Jackson tries to get smart and realizes that it must be a mistake. After listening some time she moves along. Jackson opens his brain and gets a vision of a person sneaking into his building and taking his gear.

Kartak moves to Uncle’s hangar. In the room are Uncle, Dustwich and Sarah. As he enters the conversation stops and everybody is looking to him. << You said we will send a team if Boo and his team won’t come back after 36 hours. Give me five guys and I will take them home. >> Uncle shakes his head. << Not five. I can’t risk losing that many hired guns. Dustwich will send two with you. >> You and Dustwich get outside and she smiles as she informs you that you can go with Daff and Grekkar – both unreliable shitheads that nobody will miss.

Tank gives his crew their share from the last gig. Tank, Jaim and Wasted maintained the generator for Uncle. That gig gave them enough to eat for a month. But not enough to get him a step closer to finish off Spot. His revenge had to wait – and that gave Spot the time to be better prepared when he would show up.

Jackson remembers that Daff gawked into his hood yesterday and wants to visit him. He moves to the part of Rammstein where Daff has his home.

Kartak tries to find his new members for the recue mission. First he moves to Daff’s corrugated-iron shack cover moos. He knocks and nobody answers. So he enters the shack to find him sleeping in his bed. As he wakes him up Daff holds a pistol at his head. Kartak hits the weapon arm – deflecting the silenced shoot – and hits Daff hard into his face.

Jackson tries to find the hut there saw Daff last. As noone reacts he shouts << Duff, come out! >>

Kartak goes outside the hut and calls Jackson. After some negotiating both agree to help each other.

Tank is interrupted by Sarah. >> You have to check the lights in Uncles hangar. << As Tank enters the generator room he sees that a condensator misses. Did he really close the door yesterday?

Character Creation
0th session

The players created together the three characters for our campaign. We have Jackson the brainer, Kartak the gunlugger and Tank the operator. We established our setting as jungle taking back earth and humans surviving in wild jungle lands. Rammstein is an old air field that is under control from Uncle surround by dangerous plants and animals.


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